Training days and workshop in Munich, Germany, June 18-19

Parasoft is organizing training days in Munich, Germany, June 18-19 related to tools for static code analysis and testing standards. This will be a workshop with a heavy focus on tools. We will share experiences between all individuals involved in testing tools.
We are planning to have two sessions on June 18th: 
Before lunch (9:00-12:00) we will focus on using jTest for software metrics (possibly of test code), and coverage.
JTest: Parasoft Jtest enables you to accelerate Java software development while minimizing risks introduced into the code, by providing comprehensive analysis, guidance, and tools to get the job done. Jtest integrates with Parasoft DTP for sophisticated reporting and analytics: results from static analysis, JUnit unit tests, and code coverage can be integrated with functional and manual testing results, to quickly provide a full picture of the code, allowing you to identify and mitigate risks as you go.

Please find more information about Jtest here:

After lunch (13:00-16:00), we will focus on enforcing code quality and visualizing metrics using Parasoft DTP, enforcing compliance to standards.
DTP: Understand the impact of changes in your codebase and provide actionable insights to the team to ensure the delivery of high-quality software. By aggregating data across all testing practices (static analysis, metrics, unit testing, functional testing, manual testing, code coverage, and code reviews) from both Parasoft technologies (C/C++test, dotTEST, Jtest, SOAtest) and OSS/3rd-party tools (supporting over 15 development languages) into a centralized quality dashboard, Parasoft DTP enables you to monitor and manage the quality of the entire software development process.


Please find more information about DTP here:

C/C++test: Manage risk and costs by building better software. Static analysis and unit testing are critical for application quality, security, and safety, and the cornerstone of any connected-application development initiative today. Parasoft offers a fully-integrated testing solution to identify defects earlier and reduce the overall burden of achieving compliance with standards such as MISRA, ISO 26262, DO-178B/C, IEC 61508, and IEC 62304.


Please find more information about C/C++test here:

On the second day (19th June), Parasoft will give a workshop (for a broader audience) regarding qualification of its tools. We would like to invite you to also join this session. Safety-critical standards, including DO-178 B/C, ISO 26262, and IEC 61508, require that manufacturers prove that the tools they are using to develop their software provide correct and predictable results. The process of providing such evidence, known as Tool Qualification, although necessary, is often a time-consuming and cumbersome process that takes the team’s focus away from the delivery of capabilities to their end users, ultimately affecting the scope of what is delivered and/or time to market.
Date: Monday-Tuesday 18th-19th June 2018
Time: 09.30 – 16.30 
Location: TOP Tagungunszentren AG
Arnulfstrasse 83
80634 München
Martin Heininger
Miroslaw Zielinski

NEXTA 2018 workshop

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The NEXTA workshop will explore how to advance test automation to further contribute to software quality in the context of tomorrow’s rapid release cycles. Take-aways for industry practitioners and academic researchers will encompass test case generation, automated test result analysis, test suite assessment and maintenance, and infrastructure for the future of test automation. CfP is still open till January 12th. For a list of relevant topics check

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