External Advisory Board

The ITEA3 TESTOMAT project strives for improving Test Automation. Nowadays, quality software has come to mean “easy to adapt” because of the constant pressure to change. Consequently, modern software teams seek a delicate balance between two opposing forces: striving for reliability and striving for agility. The TESTOMAT project will support software teams to strike the right balance by increasing the development speed without sacrificing quality. The project will ultimately result in a Test Automation Improvement Model, which will define key improvement areas in test automation, with the focus on measurable improvement steps. TESTOMAT project is ITEA3 funded and runs from October 2017 to September 2020.

As part of ongoing quality assurance and dissemination activities and to improve industrial visibility, we are setting up an External Advisory Board (EAB).

The EAB consists of relevant and influential persons from different industrial domains and academia. Its members agree to give TESTOMAT project meaningful help on a regular basis in different areas, including test automation, technological development, European policies, and outreach. EAB advises the TESTOMAT project in its strategic technical decision-making process and the standardization & community building activities.

EAB tasks

The main task of the EAB members is to provide strategic guidance and support to the TESTOMAT consortium to ensure that the results meet the project’s objectives. The responsibilities and duties of the EAB members shall be the following:

  • Reviewing the project outcomes and identification of its strong/weak points with respect to the objectives of the project and the application of its results.
  • Commenting on the consortium’ skills and the relevance of their proposals and actions.
  • Linking the consortium to other international research efforts.
  • Promoting the exposure of TESTOMAT activities to industry.

To achieve the above tasks, the EAB undertakes the following activities:

  • Attending the EAB meetings, planned once a year, to give feedback on the results achieved in the previous year, to establish plans for the coming 12-months and other issues where feedback is needed;
  • Providing feedback about and linking TESTOMAT to international research, reports, conferences, etc. on the initiative of the EAB-member;
  • Providing ad-hoc feedback when requested by the project leader and the technical coordinator on various issues.

 External Advisory Board – Workshops

  • Year 1 results (19.09.2018, Eindhoven)
  • Year 2 results (fall 2019)
  • Year 3 results (fall 2020)

For further questions please feel free to reach out:

Peter M. Kruse, TESTOMAT project EAB coordinator
Sigrid Eldh, TESTOMAT project coordinator