Test automation is very tool-intensive. This page aims to collect tools developed, extended or used in TESTOMAT Project.

Open Source tools:

  • TESTAR, a tool for automated scriptless testing through graphical user interface.
  • Dextool Mutate, a clang based tool for mutation testing of C/C++ projects.
  • LittleDarwin, a mutation testing tool for industrial Java software systems.
  • SZZUnleashed, a data mining tool to identify bug-introducing commits in software repositories.
  • Testura, a mutation testing tool for C# .NET
  • MbtCreator, Mbt (Model Based Test) Creator is a tool for model based testing.
  • CodeCompass is a pluginable code comprehension tool.
  • CodeChecker is a static analysis infrastructure built on the LLVM/Clang Static Analyzer toolchain.

Available for free, but not open source:

  • SWEET, a tool for static program flow analysis and worst-case execution time estimation.

Commercial tools:

  • CodeScene prioritizes technical debt and measures the organizational aspects of development.
  • PinDown Debugger, an automatic debugger for regression test failures.
  • PinDown Analyser, visualizing test results as a 3D cityscape landscape to provide a high-level quality overview in order to identify problem areas.
  • PinDown Mutation Tester, speeds-up mutation testing by allowing for multiple mutations to be inserted at the same time.
  • Loadium, a load testing tool and leading platform that takes you beyond high performance.
  • Testinium,  a continuous test automation management tool for web and mobile apps.
  • Parasoft C/C++test, helps to identify defects earlier and achieving compliance with standards.
  • Parasoft Insure++, a runtime memory analysis and error-detection tool for C and C++.
  • Parasoft Jtest, accelerates Java software development by providing a set of testing tools.
  • Parasoft dotTEST, automates static code analysis, unit testing, code review, and coverage analysis.
  • Parasoft SOAtest, API testing for enterprise and embedded, automate complex scenarios from a UI.
  • Parasoft Virtualize, a service virtualization solution bringing virtual test environments to the industry.
  • Axini Model Based Testing platform, a platform to model, document, and test your systems.
  • Axini Protocol Testing platform, a platform to model, document, and test the interfaces and APIs of your systems.
  • Axini Calculation Engine, Rekenbox (Dutch) is an application running on the Axini platform. You can model, document and generate your calculation engines. You can also test third party calculation engines with it.
  • Axini DocumentBox, DocumentBox (Dutch) is an application running on the Axini platform. You can model, document and generate document engines. You can also test third party document engines.
  • Qentinel Pace is a robotic software testing product that scales up along with your business and provides you with metrics and insights that allow you to manage your progress and make the required decisions timely.

Research prototype tools:

  • IntegrationDistiller, Automating Integration Analysis and Testing of Object-Oriented Applications
  • DelayChecker, performs classification and duration extraction of delays