About ITEA3 TESTOMAT Project

Nowadays, quality software has come to mean “easy to adapt” because of the constant pressure to change. Consequently, modern software teams seek a delicate balance between two opposing forces: striving for reliability and striving for agility. The TESTOMAT project will support software teams to strike the right balance by increasing the development speed without sacrificing quality. The project will ultimately result in a Test Automation Improvement Model, which will define key improvement areas in test automation, with the focus on measurable improvement steps.

Work Package 4 workshop was hosted by EKS InTec in Weingarden, Germany between 4-5 of July 2019. The workshop discussion was on test selection and prioritization.

04julalldayTESTOMAT WP4 Workshop on Test Selection and Prioritization

Turkish consortium meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish consortium partners had a workshop organized by Kuveyt Türk Bank in Istanbul, Turkey on 19-20 June 2019.

19junalldayTESTOMAT Turkish Consortium meeting

Work Package 5 Workshop at OFFIS in Oldenborg, Germany

Work Package 5 workshop was hosted by OFFIS in Oldenborg, Germany between 11-12 of June 2019. The workshop discussion was on Quality standards and Extra functional properties (non-functional test).

11junalldayTESTOMAT WP5 Workshop on quality standards and extra functional properties (non-functional test)