Work Package 4 workshop was hosted by EKS InTec in Weingarden, Germany between 4-5 of July 2019. The workshop discussion was on test selection and prioritization.

04julalldayTESTOMAT WP4 Workshop on Test Selection and Prioritization

Turkish consortium meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish consortium partners had a workshop organized by Kuveyt Türk Bank in Istanbul, Turkey on 19-20 June 2019.

19junalldayTESTOMAT Turkish Consortium meeting

Work Package 5 Workshop at OFFIS in Oldenborg, Germany

Work Package 5 workshop was hosted by OFFIS in Oldenborg, Germany between 11-12 of June 2019. The workshop discussion was on Quality standards and Extra functional properties (non-functional test).

11junalldayTESTOMAT WP5 Workshop on quality standards and extra functional properties (non-functional test)