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van Bladel, Brent; Demeyer, Serge

Clone Detection in Test Code: An Empirical Evaluation Conference

2020 IEEE 27th International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution and Reengineering (SANER), 2020.

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Parsai, Ali; Demeyer, Serge

Comparing mutation coverage against branch coverage in an industrial setting Journal Article

International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, 2020.

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Lu, Zhong Xi; Vercammen, Sten; Demeyer, Serge

Semi-automatic Test Case Expansion for Mutation Testing Workshop

2020 IEEE Workshop on Validation, Analysis and Evolution of Software Tests (VST), 2020.

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Graber, Christian; Hansson, Daniel; Tornhill, Adam

Predicting Bad Commits Conference Forthcoming

Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition (DVCon 2019), Forthcoming.


Sahar Tahvili, Markus Bohlin

sOrTES: A Supportive Tool for Stochastic Scheduling of Manual Integration Test Cases Journal Article

Journal of IEEE Access, 2019.


Saadatmand, Mehrdad; Lindström, Birgitta; Aichernig, Bernhard

Special issue on testing extra‐functional properties Miscellaneous

Software Testing, Verification and Reliability (STVR) journal, 2019.

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Markus Borg Oscar Svensson, Kristian Berg Daniel Hansson

SZZ Unleashed: An Open Implementation of the SZZ Algorithm - Featuring Example Usage in a Study of Just-in-Time Bug Prediction for the Jenkins Project Workshop

MaLTeSQuE 2019 - Workshop on Machine Learning Techniques for Software Quality Evaluation, 2019.


Martin Reider Anton Strahilov, Thorsten Schmitz Karsten Meinecke

Test prioritization within the framework of a model-based test process for the example of virtual commissioning [translated title] Conference

14. Magdeburger Maschinenbautage 2019, 2019.


Wendland, Marc-Florian

Testautomatisierung macht man so nebenher - oder etwa nicht? Journal Article

SQ Magazin (national magazine on Software Testing), 2019.


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